The 13 Best YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch (2023)

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Only one site stands toe-to-toe with Netflix when it comes to binge-watching, and that site is YouTube. Need a pick-me-up? Want to laugh away your stress? Or just have some time to kill? These YouTube channels may be the binge-watching remedy you need.

All of the channels below have one thing in common: entertainment value. Some of them may not be your cup of tea, but we guarantee that you'll end up loving at least one of them, or maybe even several of them. So give them a try and see what you think.

These are the best YouTube channels to binge-watch. And they ensure you'll never get bored.

1. Epic Rap Battles of History

As far as binge-worthy YouTube channels go, few are as consistent in both quality and delivery as Epic Rap Battles of History. Every single episode---each of which is only a few minutes long---is fresh, fun, and full of laugh-inducing lines.

For those who don't know, Epic Rap Battles of History takes famous figures throughout history (or pop culture) and pits them against each other for a few rounds of verbal sparring. The lyrics are written from the point-of-view of each character, which is what makes it so entertaining.

Still confused? Just watch the Picasso vs. Bob Ross battle in the video above. If you love this---and millions of people do---then you should check out all of the other videos on this binge-worthy YouTube channel.

2. 5 Second Films

These films truly live up to their gimmick. Each video is nine seconds long (four seconds of intro, five seconds of content) and they're all dense enough to pack a whopping punchline. Some are better than others, of course, but they're all pretty good.

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The thing about 5 Second Films is that each video is so short that none of them are entirely satisfying---and that makes this one of the best YouTube channels to binge-watch several videos in one go.

Despite their short length, it's way too easy to lose half an hour with these. Don't get too carried away though, as there are pros and cons to binge-watching.

3. Zero Punctuation

If you're a fan of video games, then you can't miss Zero Punctuation. A lot of video game reviewers have popped up on YouTube over the past few years, but Zero Punctuation was a pioneer---and still reigns as one of the funniest and most relevant of them all.

Zero Punctuation's claim to fame is two-fold: its characteristic talk-without-taking-any-breaths approach to communication, and the snarky way in which the narrator criticizes various aspects of the games under review. It's as entertaining as it is informative, which is why so many people love Zero Punctuation reviews.

You'll find Zero Punctuation hosted on the Escapist channel, alongside other great things to watch on YouTube such as 3 Minute Reviews and Yahtzee's Dev Diary Series.

4. Cinemassacre

Cinemassacre is actually the production channel for a handful of different gaming-related YouTube series. The most popular is the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), but the channel also has movie reviews and board game antics.

Like Zero Punctuation, the AVGN series is one about video game reviews, but with a twist: not only does it focus on games that are absolutely terrible, it ramps up the, "Oh my God, this frustrates me" factor as each review goes on.

It's certainly not for everybody but the show has plenty of fans. And if you find that you do enjoy it, then there are over 100 episodes for you to burn through. Each episode is around 10 to 20 minutes, making this one of the best YouTube channels to binge-watch over a short lunch break.

5. Extra Credits

It's one thing to play video games, but another thing to understand video games. There's a lot that goes into the design of a game, and the Extra Credits channel tries to break things down in a way that the average gamer can grasp. But to be clear, Extra Credits isn't always right.

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Experienced game designers know that most videos on this channel are oversimplified; game design is a complicated field that often lacks clear-cut answers. However, as lightweight binge-worthy entertainment for gamers, Extra Credits fits the bill well.

You might also enjoy the history and mythology lessons from Extra Credits as well. Both of which deliver fascinating lessons in the same enjoyable tone that we expect from this channel.

6. CinemaSins

"No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that." It's a simple concept, but when executed as brilliantly as this channel manages to do, you get wonderfully entertaining videos that also teach you about characters, narratives, and tropes.

In each episode, CinemaSins takes a particular film and pokes fun at its various elements. Sometimes it deals with story inconsistencies, other times it emphasizes continuity goofs. Mostly it just makes wry commentary---but in all things, it's lighthearted and silly.

Episodes are anywhere from three to 20 minutes long, making this one of the best YouTube channels to binge-watch. Because no matter how much time you have to kill, there's something that will fit your schedule.

7. Songify This

Songify This, from the Schmoyoho YouTube channel, played a big part in establishing some well-known memes in the early 2010s. It's possible that the world may have never known about the Double Rainbow Guy, Antoine Dodson, or Backin' Up if it wasn't for Schmoyoho.

Long story short, these guys take semi-popular web clips and turn them into songs using auto-tune technology---and many of these songs are actually quite catchy (and, of course, silly). Not only does binge-watching this YouTube channel kill hours of time, but it's also likely to fill up your playlist with awesome new tunes.

8. Bad Lip Reading

Take any clip of someone talking---whether from a film, a TV show, or even a press conference---and dub it over with your own words, but in a way that still matches the lip movements of the clip. It's harder to do than you might think, but when done well, can be hilarious.


Therefore, due to the difficulty, Bad Lip Reading videos can be hit or miss. However, if there's a Bad Lip Reading for a movie or show you've already seen, there's a good chance that you'll find it funny (because you know the original context). Regardless, if you don't know what to binge-watch on YouTube, this channel is a great place to start.

9. The Slow Mo Guys

Explosions are already exciting, but when you slow them down by several orders of magnitude, they become exponentially more interesting. Don't believe me? The Slow Mo Guys do nothing but slow down clips and have over 13 million subscribers.

We know it sounds silly, but as the above video shows, it's surprisingly entertaining. You think you'd get sick of it in just a few minutes or so, but it somehow sucks you in. Every new slow-motion video is yet another awe-inspiring bit of footage.

There seems to be no end to the creativity on display from The Slow Mo Guys as they find new and interesting things to slow down on camera. That includes slowing down a tranquilizer dart in action, a flame thrower, and a thousand mousetraps snapping shut on a trampoline.

10. CGP Grey

With the aid of crude stick figures, CGP Grey explains the overlooked details of different historical, political, and geographical subjects. It's amazing how much information he crams into each video, all while keeping them entertaining to watch.

In the example above, CGP Grey breaks down the unexpected complications that scientists encounter when attempting to answer a seemingly simple question: Which planet is closest to Earth?

Binge-watching the playful videos on CGP Grey's YouTube channel is sure to quench your thirst for knowledge. If you find yourself wanting more to broaden your horizons, check out the best YouTube channels for self-improvement and motivation as well.

If you enjoyed learning about video game design from Extra Credits, you're going to love getting into more depth with Game Maker's Toolkit. This channel details the thinking behind a range of video game elements, covering everything from difficulty settings to dungeon design.

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It's fascinating to learn about the different considerations developers need to make when designing video games. In fact, these ideas will probably bounce around inside your head the next time you sit down to play.

Game Maker's Toolkit displays an infectious passion for game design that makes it impossible not to start dreaming up your own game ideas. But even if you never create them, you'll still find a new appreciation for games that already exist.

12. Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame a Painting is widely regarded as the number one source for video essays about films. If you're a movie-lover, this is absolutely the best channel for you to binge on YouTube. There aren't a huge number of videos, and most are under 10 minutes long, so you may be able to watch them all in a single day.

In the video above, Every Frame a Painting breaks down the one-of-a-kind visuals of a Michael Bay movie. After watching it, you'll never watch one of those films the same way again. But it doesn't stop there.

You'll also find in-depth analyses of Jackie Chan, Edgar Wright, Bong Joon-ho, David Fincher, and a whole host of other extraordinary filmmakers. Binge-watching every Every Frame a Painting video is better than attending a crash course film school.

13. Kurzgesagt---In a Nutshell

Thousands of hours go into the making of every Kurzgesagt video, and it shows. These meticulously researched, carefully written, and expertly animated short videos are some of the best things to watch on YouTube. Especially if you want to learn a little more about the world around you.

Kurzgesagt's colorful animations offer a stark contrast to the dark subject matter that covers heavy topics such as nuclear war or loneliness. But don't be fooled. This YouTube channel is optimistic at heart, and binge-watching it for a few hours is certain to brighten your day by the end of each video.

What Are Your Favorite YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch?

There are hundreds of other popular YouTube channels that probably deserve a spot on this list, including those from binge-worthy YouTubers such as Nigahiga, PewDiePie, and Freddie Wong. Unfortunately, we had to pick the best of the best, but feel free to share your picks in the comments.

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If you're looking for individual videos, rather than entire channels, take a look at our list of the most viewed videos on YouTube instead. They may not all be to your taste, but you'll at least learn what people are watching on YouTube.

If you're looking for material outside of YouTube, have a look at these TV shows to binge watch.

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