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Picard may be a legend, but he can’t unravel the mystery at the heart of his latest mission alone. Thus, the third episode of Star Trek: Picard (“The End Is the Beginning”) finds the former Starfleet admiral putting together a team that will hopefully lead him to Dahj’s twin Soji — and also, in the process, to answers about the apparent conspiracy involving the Romulan evacuation crisis.

In the immediate aftermath of the 2385 Mars catastrophe, Picard and Raffi meet outside Starfleet’s San Francisco headquarters. Picard tells Raffi that, in the conference he just left, he made the case for continuing to evacuate Romulans from the supernova blast radius by using reserve duty officers and mothball ships. They rejected his plan, and instead of letting synthetics handle the evacuation (as Raffi suggested), they instituted a ban on synthetics, which they claim went haywire on Mars due to “a fatal code error in the operating system.”

Raffi doesn’t buy that for a second, and says, “I smell the Tal Shiar.” She has no idea why the Romulans would want to sabotage their own rescue, and neither does Picard. Nonetheless, he’s immensely disappointed in the organization to which he’s given his life. “I never dreamed that Starfleet would give in to intolerance and fear,” he laments, and in that moment, Star Trek: Picard offers a not-so-subtle critique of contemporary democracies that refuse to help refugees out of either prejudice or cowardice.

In the face of this objectionable stance, Picard demanded that Starfleet either accept his evacuation plan or his resignation — and they accepted the latter. Raffi is stunned, and hopes Picard has “some last, desperate, wild solution — that’s what you do.” Alas, Picard’s resignation was that Hail Mary, and it failed. “I never believed they would accept it,” he confesses. Realizing this turn of events means she’s about to be fired (while Picard gets to retreat to his swanky chateau), Raffi angrily storms off to face her Starfleet fate.

In the present, Picard asks Raffi for help procuring a ship and a pilot so he can locate Dr. Bruce Maddox, who’s the key to understanding this Dahj mystery. She chastises him for tipping off Starfleet about his activity, as well as for the “unmitigated disaster” that was his TV interview. She also tells Picard he has “some goddamn nerve” for making requests after abandoning her for the past decade-plus, which she describes as “one long slide into humiliation. And rage. Also a fair amount of snake leaf-induced paranoia,” at which point she takes another drag off her high-tech vape pen.

Following another elaborate visual journey around and through the Artifact — a CGI sequence that director Hanelle M. Culpepper once again handles with aplomb — we’re introduced to Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco), the executive director of the Borg reclamation project. He visits Soji and commends her on her excellent work. Hugh is a reclaimed Borg drone and states that there are no more despised people in the galaxy than those like him, who are seen as either property to be exploited or a hazard to be warehoused. Romulans, he states, view his kind as both.

Soji is different because she has compassion for those assimilated by the Borg. Consequently, Hugh grants her an interview with Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky), the foremost expert on Romulan myths. Ramdha is part of a group of assimilated Romulans referred to as “the disordered,” who mutter and shuffle about aimlessly. When Soji arrives, the once-revered author is assembling a puzzle comprised of triangular pieces featuring tarot card-like symbols.

Back at Vasquez Rocks, Picard apologizes to Raffi for abandoning her. Though she claims not to care, she listens to Picard’s talk about a unit of Tal Shiar operating on Earth, which couldn’t happen without Federation complicity. She replies that she always knew the Federation was in bed with the Romulans, and that she has concrete evidence that a high-ranking Starfleet official conspired to allow the attack on Mars to go forward. Picard tells her it’s this very ability to see things that others don’t that makes her invaluable. Such praise doesn’t convince her to join his new squad, but she does give him the name of a pilot: Rios (Santiago Cabrera).

Later that night, Picard sends Raffi everything he has on this case and beams up to Rios’ ship, where the pilot is having shrapnel removed from his arm by a hologram of himself that, we soon learn, likes to speak in different accents. At first glance, it’s clear Rios is a cigar-smoking, liquor-swilling, devil-may-care badass — he even reads a book called “The Tragic Sense of Life” — and when Rios asks if they’re going to be breaking any laws together, Picard asserts, “I’m not in the habit of consulting lawyers before I do what needs to be done.” This pleases Rios, who counters with, “I’m not in the habit of consulting anybody about anything.”

Picard’s impression of Rios as a kindred spirit is confirmed by the fact that the pilot keeps his ship in immaculate shape, thus proving he’s “Starfleet to the core. I can smell it on you.” After Picard leaves, Rios’ hologram excitedly talks about the prospect of teaming up with the iconic hero (“he’s on the side of angels”). Still tormented by the death of his last noble captain, Rios isn’t quite as enthusiastic.

“The End Is the Beginning” subsequently sets about cross-cutting between two momentous encounters, both of which culminate with a tense interview. At his chateau, Picard confides to Laris that he never truly felt at home in France; his place was in the stars. Before he can depart, Picard and his friends are attacked by Romulan assassins. They triumph in this fierce skirmish, thanks in part to the aid of Dr. Jurati, who unexpectedly shows up. They attempt to interrogate one of their attackers, who merely growls — about Dahj and her twin — “She’s not a girl…she’s not what you think she is…She’s the end of all. She’s the destroyer!” He then takes his own life.

At the same time, Soji chats with Ramdha. When questioned about mythology, Ramdha states that she prefers the term “The News” — a concept that pleases Soji. More revealing still, Ramdha muses that she remembers Soji “from tomorrow.” Soji presses her on this point, saying she’s aware Ramdha was on board the last ship assimilated by this Borg Cube — a fact that Hugh didn’t know, and can’t understand how Soji knows. Ramdha suddenly asks Soji, “Which sister are you? The one who dies or the one who lives?” and then leaps up and grabs a guard’s blaster, yelling, “I know who you are … You are the destroyer!” Ramdha tries to kill herself with the weapon, but Soji stops her.

In her bedroom, Soji calls her mom, who reports that Dahj is fine and thinking about adopting a puppy — a lie indicating that Soji’s mom (who may not even be real) is interested in deceiving her. Strangely, Soji then immediately passes out. Awakened by Narek’s arrival, she tells him she doesn’t understand how she knew anything about Ramdha’s ship. Rather than provide her with clarity, Narek instead whispers in her ear, “I may be falling in love with you,” thus solidifying his connection to her. Upon leaving, Narek runs into his sister Rizzo — who’s now on board the Artifact — and she wishes him luck in his scheming.

(Video) "A catsuit?! How provocative!" Picard's Sir Patrick Stewart on Jeri Ryan's Star Trek uniform.

Jurati informs Picard that, though she spilled the beans about his plans to Commodore Oh, she didn’t tell the Director of Starfleet Security about her intention to join Picard on his quest. Convinced that he can use Earth’s leading expert on synthetic life, Picard agrees to this arrangement. The two subsequently beam up to Rios’ ship. Raffi is already there and has found Maddox’s whereabouts — he’s on Freecloud. Raffi has her own reasons for wanting to travel there, but for now, she keeps those to herself.

With the ragtag crew complete, Picard gives a trademark forward thrust of his hand and commands, “Engage.”

Captain’s Log:

  • Ramdha clearly has some sort of extrasensory sensitivity, since the last puzzle card she flipped featured two identical female twins.
  • It’s nice to know that Zhaban and Laris aren’t just friendly vineyard employees — they’re formidable bodyguards as well.
  • Rios’ book – Miguel de Unamuno’s 1912 Tragic Sense of Life – indicates that beneath his gruff, roguish exterior, he has a philosophical soul.

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What did Captain Kirk say to start the enterprise? ›

This quote is often attributed to Captain Kirk, but he never actually said it. The more common saying was "Energize," or "[One, Two, etc.] to beam up."

What episode of TNG does Picard get assimilated? ›

In this two part episode, the Enterprise must battle the Borg who are intent on conquering Earth, with a captured and assimilated Captain Picard as their emissary.
The Best of Both Worlds (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
"The Best of Both Worlds"
Blu-ray release cover
Episode nos.Season 3 and 4 Episodes 26 and 1
Directed byCliff Bole
Written byMichael Piller
11 more rows

Who is the villain in Picard season 3? ›

Amanda Plummer's Shrike captain Vadic on Star Trek: Picard offers up a direct connection to the franchise's past.

What is the name of Picard's new ship? ›

In the Picard Season 3 premiere, “The Next Generation,” Will Riker and Jean-Luc Picard find themselves onboard a Neo-Constitution Class starship called the USS Titan. Picard refers to this as Will's “old command,” which references the fact that after Nemesis, in 2379, Riker became captain of the USS Titan, NCC-80102.

What is Kirk's warp phrase? ›

Each Star Trek captain had a distinct identity, perhaps best illustrated by their choice of catchphrase to illustrate their personality. The OG Captain Kirk was known for his command, “Execute!” In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he uses the decisive phrase twice.

What did Janeway say instead of engage? ›

You can really see why Star Trek: Voyager's Captian Janeway's catchphrase never caught on when you hear it over and over. Jean-Luc Picard had “make it so”, Spock had “live long and prosper”, Checkov had “wessel”, but Janeway ended up with “do it!

Was Picard assimilated by the Borg? ›

Despite Picard's insistence that he would resist the Borg with his last ounce of strength, that resistance proved futile and he was assimilated into the Borg Collective. He became one with the hive mind; he had the Borg's cybernetic devices implanted throughout his body.

Why did the Borg name Picard Locutus? ›

The name is literal. He is the Speaker for the Borg. Locutus roughly means speaker. He was intended to be a friendly, welcoming face for humanity, welcoming them into the collective by showing what they could become.

Were the Borg ever defeated? ›

“Did the Borg ever get destroyed?” No. Arguably, they may have taken a hit at the end of Voyager, but they were not destroyed. The producer of Picard has confirmed this: “The old Borg, the resistance is futile Borg, they are still out there.

Who turned down the role of Jean-Luc Picard? ›

Edward James Olmos

A few years later, Olmos was offered the role of Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Battlestar Galactica Panel, FedCon XIV, 24 May 2015; [17]) He had to turn it down as he was busy with other projects. [18] His Hollywood Walk of Fame star is right next to Patrick Stewart's.

Who is Picard's daughter? ›

Olivia Picard was Jean-Luc Picard's daughter during his Nexus experience in 2371. Olivia Picard was played by Olivia Hack.

Is Alice Krige in Picard? ›

Star Trek: Picard season 3 teaser

Krige has reprised her Star Trek role as the Borg Queen several times over the years, including appearing in the Star Trek video game Armada II and the Star Trek: Voyager in 2001. The Borg Queen has also been played by Susanna Thompson and most recently on Picard by Annie Wersching.

Why is the Enterprise not in Picard? ›

Not the Enterprise-E, but…

According to the lore established in Star Trek: Picard, Captain Jean-Luc Picard gave up his command of the Enterprise-E a few years after Nemesis, after being promoted to admiral.

Is there a USS Enterprise in Picard? ›

The final season of Picard is bringing our first on-screen USS Enterprise since, well, Enterprise. But it has a history in Star Trek before its TV debut.

What is the most advanced Starfleet ship? ›

Enterprise NCC-1701-E. The Sovereign-class Enterprise-E succeeds the Enterprise-D to become the most technologically-advanced starship produced by Starfleet. It can theoretically reach a warp speed of 9.995.

What was Captain Kirk's famous line? ›

"You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, an irrational fear of the unknown. But there's no such thing as the unknown — only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood."

What does Captain Kirk say instead of engage? ›

“Make It So” It's tempting to rank Picard's “Make it so” ahead of “Engage,” but for some reason, the formality of it makes it closer to a “Manifest” or “Execute.” That said, it's iconic for a reason.

What do Star Trek captain's say before take off? ›

For Star Trek: The Next Generation, the phrase "Its five-year mission" was changed to "Its continuing mission" and the phrase "where no man has gone before" was changed to "where no one has gone before". This version of the phrase was said by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart).

Who became captain of Voyager after Janeway? ›

Janeway and Chakotay became romantically involved after their return from the Delta Quadrant, and following her death after her assimilation by the Borg in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Before Dishonor, Chakotay resigns his commission and Afsarah Eden becomes the new Captain of Voyager.

Why does Picard say there are 4 lights? ›

For some fans, "Chain of Command" resonated in a real and terrifying way. “There are four lights!” Those are the final words Captain Jean-Luc Picard shouts out to his torturer, Gul Madred. Good prevails over evil and all is well with the world.

Does Janeway become a Borg? ›

Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, and Captain Kathryn Janeway have been assimilated as Borg drones aboard Tactical Cube 138, but their personalities remain intact thanks to a short-lived anti-assimilation inoculation developed by The Doctor.

Is the Borg Queen in Picard the same as Voyager? ›

Susanna Thompson portrays the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Voyager's two-parter, “Dark Frontier” and “Unimatrix Zero.” Most recently, the Borg Queen was played by Annie Wersching in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

Why is the Borg Queen so different in Picard? ›

A New Queen

But the biggest change to the Borg just happened on Star Trek: Picard. After the Borg Queen from an alternate 2400 goes back in time to the 21st Century, she takes over the consciousness of human scientist Agnes JuratiOpens in new tab (also from the year 2400).

Who created the Borg? ›

Maurice Hurley

Is Jurati the Borg Queen? ›

Borgati's “off-shoot” The final two episodes of Star Trek: Picard season two saw Agnes Jurati become a Borg Queen.

Did the Romulans create the Borg? ›

It's possible that the big secret of Star Trek: Picard is that the Romulans are actually responsible for the creation of the Borg Collective. We learn in “Maps and Legends” about the Zhat Vash, a secret cabal within the already super secretive Romulan Tal Shiar.

What decimated the Borg in Star Trek: Picard? ›

Species 8472 responded with an all out attack on the Borg. They used the "Northwest Passage" in Borg space as their entry point, via a quantum singularity, and destroyed any Borg vessel they could find.

Did the Klingons fight the Borg? ›

The Klingons, now armed with transphasic torpedoes, managed to successfully defend the planet Morska from the Borg.

Did Q create the Borg? ›

Hurley was also the writer of "Q Who?" and the person who, basically, created the Borg. Again, at this point, the scariest thing about the Borg was their hivemind and their planet-scooping abilities. However, by the time TNG entered its third season, the writing staff had changed significantly.

Is there a Borg King? ›

In versions of the mirror universe, the Borg and their Collective are ruled over by a Borg King instead of a Borg Queen.

Does Agnes get assimilated in Picard? ›

Agnes isn't fully assimilated in the way you might expect, but she now shares headspace with the Borg Queen nonetheless. And while that's handy when it comes to returning home, Jurati might not come out of all this unscathed, especially if she does end up transforming into the Borg Queen herself.

Who replaced Picard as captain of the Enterprise? ›

The new canonical Star Trek: Picard prequel novel has revealed who replaced Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) as the Captain of the Enterprise: Worf (Michael Dorn).

Who tortured Picard in chain of command? ›

Picard, who is on a secret mission for Vice Admiral Alynna Nechayev (played by Natalia Nogulich, who appeared in Part I of this 2-part episode), having had to relinquish his command of the Enterprise to do this, continues his amazing performance as he is ruthlessly tortured by the Cardassian Gul Madred (played ...

How is Renee related to Picard? ›

René Picard was a male Human and the son of Robert and Marie Picard. He was the nephew of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard through his father. He lived with his parents in La Barre, France on Earth.

Did Picard marry Luc? ›

In novels by Pocket Books, Picard has married Beverly Crusher, and they have a son named René Jacques Robert François Picard. Jean-Luc also corresponds regularly with Marie, his sister-in-law, who still maintains the family vineyards.

Is Picard a cyborg? ›

Star Trek: Picard season 1 ending gave Jean-Luc Picard a synthetic body - essentially making him an android - which remains a controversial choice.

Was Alice Krige the Borg Queen? ›

In Star Trek: First Contact, Krige played the Borg Queen, who attempts to assimilate Earth into the Borg collective. She won Best Supporting Actress at the 1997 Saturn Awards for that role.

Are there two Borg Queens now? ›

Star Trek: Picard season 2 left the galaxy with two Borg Queens. Here's how that happened and what it means for Starfleet and the Federation. Thanks to Star Trek: Picard season 2, the Prime Timeline how has TWO Borg Queens!

Is Seven of Nine the new Borg Queen? ›

In Picard Season 1, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) briefly becomes a Borg Queen. The once-assimilated daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen, who collected the earliest Federation data on the Borg, must attach herself to the device inside the Queen's liar and say, "We are the Borg," to save Borg and xBs on the Artifact.

Is there a USS Enterprise G? ›

This ship-related article is a stub. You can help STEU by expanding it.
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) (Phoenix class)
Name:USS Enterprise
Affiliation:Federation Starfleet
2 more rows

Who was Captain of Enterprise-D before Picard? ›

In an alternate reality visited by Lieutenant Worf in 2370, William T. Riker was the captain of the Enterprise-D as Jean-Luc Picard had been killed during the Borg Incursion of 2366-2367. Worf was his first officer.

Will we ever see the Enterprise-E again? ›

Terry Matalas confirmed the Enterprise-E itself will not appear in the third season of Star Trek: Picard. Instead, viewers will have to settle for the Sovereign-class starship appearing in it.

What ship did Picard command before Enterprise? ›

An accomplished diplomat and tactician, Picard managed to surpass a 22-year career as first officer and later captain of the U.S.S. Stargazer with an even more impressive record as captain of the fleet's former flagship U.S.S. Enterprise.

How many ships did Picard Captain? ›

The highlights of his career were centered around assignments as commanding officer of the Federation starships USS Stargazer, USS Enterprise-D, and the USS Enterprise-E. In these roles, Picard not only witnessed major turning points of recent galactic history, but played a key role in them also, from making first ...

What class is the Borg ship in Picard? ›

Designated by Starfleet as the Borg type 03, this class of Borg starship was used by a rogue Borg faction led by Lore.

Why do Star Trek ships have USS? ›

The Making of Star Trek explains that USS means "United Space Ship" and that "Enterprise is a member of the Starship Class".

Who was the best Starfleet captain? ›

Starfleet Rankings: Who's the Best Star Trek Captain?
  • In Star Trek, captains are the best of the best. ...
  • A legend, obviously. ...
  • Jean-Luc Picard might be the most popular choice for favorite captain, beating out even the legendary Kirk. ...
  • In Voyager, Captain Kathryn Janeway was the first female captain to lead a Trek series.
Sep 8, 2022

What is the fastest warp speed in Star Trek? ›

The warp drive has a natural physical or economical limit beyond which higher speeds are no longer possible. The reference work Star Trek Fact Files indicates this limit at warp factor 9.99. This is the highest conventional warp speed mentioned for a spaceship (Borg cube).

What was Captain Kirk's famous words? ›

"The Greatest Danger Facing Us Is Ourselves, An Irrational Fear Of The Unknown. But There's No Such Thing As The Unknown--Only Things Temporarily hidden."

What was Captain Kirk's first command? ›

Kirk became Starfleet's youngest starship captain after receiving command of the USS Enterprise for a five-year mission, three years of which are depicted in the original Star Trek series.

What is the famous line in Star Trek? ›

1. "Live Long and Prosper"

What is Captain Pike's catch phrase? ›

I love Pike's “hit it,” but “Engage” is just classic. I voted engage btw. Yep it's classic. Picard's "engage" and "make it so".

What is Captain Picard's catchphrase? ›

"Make It So": As the Captain's command to set things in motion, Picard used this time-honored catchphrase as far back as The Next Generation's pilot episode, "Encounter At Farpoint—Part 1."

Why is it called Kobayashi Maru? ›

Star Trek II screenwriter Jack B. Sowards developed the Kobayashi Maru, naming it after his former neighbors. Kirk's rejection of "the no-win scenario" in the film is one of several characterizations that reflected Sowards' own mindset at the time.

Does Kirk ever say Beam me up, Scotty? ›

'Beam me up, Scotty! ' was never said in an episode of the TV series Star Trek or in Star Trek movies. Other phrases were used, such as 'Beam me up, Mr. Scott,' 'Scotty, beam us up,' 'Scotty beams us up,' or 'Beam them out of there, Scotty.

What does Kirk say when Spock dies? ›

Kirk placed his hand opposite Spock's hand as his friend slowly collapsed, slumped down and expired next to him. Kirk quietly said: "No" as Spock died.

What did Spock call Kirk? ›

Been marathoning TOS and by late S1, he regularly calls Kirk "Jim".

What was Captain Kirk's fighting style? ›

Kirk was particularly adept at hand-to-hand combat against a variety of foes of extraterrestrial, android, and human origins. His uncanny fighting style was a potent blend of old-fashioned, Eastern-influenced martial arts, Greco-Roman wrestling, and a generous dose of pure macho bravado.

Who commanded the Enterprise-D before Picard? ›

commanding officer: Captain Thomas Halloway (2364) Captain Thomas Halloway (2369) (alternate timeline) Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2364-2371)

What was Janeway's first command? ›

Captain Janeway takes command of the Intrepid-class USS Voyager in 2371. Their first mission is to locate and capture a Maquis vessel last seen in the area of space known as the Badlands.

What did Scotty always say to Captain Kirk? ›

No matter how much Scotty claims “she can'nae take any more, captain”, CEO Kirk will always reply “Scotty - I need more power!” Splunk customers such as Family Search accelerates its time to delivery drastically with 900 deploys per day, and with Splunk Enterprise, Vertu ensures optimal quality of its code.

What are fans of Star Trek called? ›

A Trekkie or Trekker is a fan of the Star Trek franchise, or of specific television series or films within that franchise.

How do you say hello in Star Trek? ›

Bajoran. In general, greeting a Bajoran is pretty straightforward. A simple “hello” or “good day” will suffice.


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