2021's Best Mouse for FPS Games (2023)

Throughout the last few years, gaming mice featured two things: flashiness and features. Some mice were as bright as possible, and others had as many as 15 buttons.

But the best mice for FPS titles don't need all or any of that. The best mice for FPS games have to do one thing and one thing perfectly: perform at a high level. The best FPS-ready mice feature low-latency clicks with a low lift-off distance and a consistent and accurate sensor that can be adjusted when necessary. Some of the best mice do this and do it all fast, giving the player the ability to react faster than their opponents. The mice below focus on performance while remaining comfortable and perfect for the hand.

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Razer Viper 8KHz

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The Razer Viper 8KHz might just be the fastest and most comfortable ambidextrous mouse in the land. It features an ambidextrous design that's all too familiar with just about any mouse within the Razer Viper family that's suitable for most hand sizes using a fingertip grip. Those with smaller hands, mainly younger PC players, may have issues with the scroll wheel and the side buttons, but most people on PC should have no problem with it.

But the biggest selling point is the Viper 8K's speed, making it as perfect as a mouse can be for FPS titles. It features Razer's second-generation optical switches, which are a step above the typical mechanical switches found in most other mice, and Razer's 8,000Hz polling rate. A device's polling rate is how fast a device reports to the PC; thus, the higher the rate, the faster the report. The Viper 8K reports in at a near-record ⅛ of a millisecond, giving it as instantaneous a reporting time as possible, giving the mouse incredibly smooth and accurate movement, almost to the pixel (at least, for those who can actually notice it). Toss in Razer's optical switches for low-latency response time, and you'll be beating your opponents to the trigger every time.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless/Superlight

The Logitech G Pro and Superlight are just about the same mouse, with the biggest difference being about 20 grams in weight, so for this part, we're going to include both versions since they're just about twins.

With that said, the Logitech G Pro Wireless and the Superlight are designed by esports pros, for With that said, the Logitech G Pro Wireless and the Superlight are designed by esports pros, for esports pros, used by esports pros and aspiring esports pros. This mouse is as esports-made as a gaming mouse can be. Even without a honeycomb design, Logitech managed to cut down the weight significantly for a solid framed mouse to compete with the top lightweight mice in the market.

The standard 1,000Hz polling rate and mechanical switches, the GPW and Superlight still feature very low latency response and a high maximum polling rate to compete alongside the very best and fastest players out there. For most adults, it may feel a bit small, but that actually plays in favor of the mouse's speed, especially those who use fingertip grips. If you want the very best of the best, this is the mouse to get.

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Roccat Kone Pro

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If Roccat is perfect for the Two-Time world champ and major YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect (even though they sponsor him), then it should be worth considering for you. A different brand from the usual Logitech and Razer standard seen worldwide, the Kone Pro is another excellent 66-gram lightweight gaming mouse with a different kind of honeycomb design and RGB lighting compared to almost every other gaming mouse out there. It has a nice groove on the thumb side with two chunky side buttons and a very tactile type of click.

Once again, the theme of this list is best mice for FPS titles, so speed and smoothness play a big role, and the Kone Pro doesn't disappoint at all. Roccat claims that its Titan Switch Optical is faster than any mechanical switch and gives you speed-of-light performance with a 100 million click cycle, lasting you for years to come. Again, if it's perfect for the Two-Time, it's worth considering. It also comes in a wireless version if wires aren't your thing.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

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This is the veteran, the industry standard, the one to get if you're ever at a Best Buy or Micro Center and you're simply just unsure. The Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is the wireless version of the DeathAdder V2 and is literally the DeathAdder V2 without the wire. It's on the larger, ergonomic side of things, perfect for those with larger hands, and fits like a glove.

Considering it's a Razer mouse, it is as fast and responsive as you'd expect. It has incredibly low latency with a high polling rate. It comes with the usual 2.4 GHz USB receiver and works when wired in, giving near-immediate response time, perfect for FPS titles. The DeathAdder V2 Pro takes on the Logitech G Pro Wireless almost directly, with the GPW's lone advantage really being its weight, while the DeathAdder V2 features a quicker response. With the DeathAdder V2 and V2 Pro starting to trend downward in price and even lower when on sale, both the wired and wireless versions of this mouse should be on every FPS player's desk.

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

2021's Best Mouse for FPS Games (5)

Corsair seems to be the underdog of gaming peripherals, and that's okay because we all like nice surprises. The Sabre RGB Pro and its wireless version are no exception and are a speedy surprise that rivals the Razer Viper 8K with a shape that rivals the DeathAdder V2. In short, the Sabre RGB Pro seems like it is trying to take on the best Razer has, and, to be honest, it doesn't do a bad job at it.

The Sabre's biggest selling point is its surprising speed at its bigger size. Corsair's mice aren't typically known for speed, especially when compared to those from Razer, but the Sabre RGB Pro moves smoothly with a fast response. The wired version features an 8,000Hz polling rate, with the wireless one featuring a 2,000Hz polling rate for smooth tracking.

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It also features Corsair's QuickStrike buttons that advertise almost instant response time that rivals Razer's optical switches. For those with bigger hands and those who like bigger mice in general, this is the perfect alternative to the Razer Viper 8K. This is the one to consider for those who want a fast mouse that isn't a Razer mouse.

Honorable Mention:

HyperX Pulsefire Haste - HyperX's entry into the lightweight, honeycomb mouse market is an absolute banger of a mouse and possibly their best mouse to date. Despite its smaller-like shape, it features great click latency and a wide CPI range that's pretty consistent. It's also the cheapest mouse of any on this entire list.

Logitech G703- The Logitech G703 seems to get lost in the shadows behind the G Pro Wireless/Superlight and the heavily beloved G502. But the G703 features an incredibly ergonomic design and excellent response time to feel perfect in your hand and perform perfectly in-game.

Glorious Model O- Glorious is a bit new to the stage, but their infamous Model O took the world by storm and remains one of the gaming's favorite mice. The mouse itself is ultra-lightweight (a theme amongst Glorious mice), and its paracord on the wired version is so lightweight that it seems non-existent. With its ultimately lightweight feel throughout, this is a perfect option for FPS games.

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